Clayton, New York | Thousand Islands | 30 Day Blog Challenge

My One Page Business Plan Summarized | Day 11 | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 11 | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Clayton, New York | Thousand Islands | 30 Day Blog Challenge

To prepare myself to answer Natalie’s question of the day, I also checked out her post on creating a one page business plan.

As a portrait photographer, sure, I can post my portfolio and recent work up  on my website, and I can book clients from here, there, and all around, but when it comes down to it, my portfolio website is my online presence for my offline portrait photography work. So all in all, that is, and will remain to be, it’s own thing.

The suitcase entrepreneur-ish part of my plan comes int0 play with my upcoming series of super short, to the point, tutorials for photography newbies and for anyone who just wants to be able to take a decent photo on any mode other than just Auto on that fancy new camera their husband or wife bought ’em: 15 Second Photo Tips

The business model is simple: provide valuable, interesting, and awesome content for free; monetizing via Google Adsense (within YouTube as well as on the 15 Second Photo Tips website), as well as via insertion of affiliate links only for products/services I know and love. As time goes on, I know that my one page business plan will need to be adjusted, and I may then also start adding premium content that I create to the mix, but we shall see.

The start-up costs for this venture are minimal, as I already have all the equipment and software I need to record my videos and create the new website. I purchased a new domain through my existing hosting account, and that has set me back all of $8.00. (I love them by the way . . . I’ve been using them for YEARS and their 24 hour customer service/tech support is always a great help the handful of times I’ve needed them)

The bulk of my investment will be with my time, dedication, and hard work.

For all of you other 30 Day Blog Challenge participants . . . what does your one page business plan look like?

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led by Natalie Sisson, author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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