Kristina Quinones
Hudson Valley Photographer

As a portrait photographer, my number one goal with every portrait session is to create imagery that my clients will cherish.

From the thoughtfully executed capture that follows the click of the shutter, to the loving and expertly applied edits I make to the photos I take, I make sure the images I deliver to you are evocative, beautiful, and technically sound. I aim to capture the love, happiness, and beauty of the moment.

Each and every single photo I take is carefully pored over, with clean and creative edits applied, so that it’s “picture perfect” and ready for display — whether that’ll be on a wall of your home awaiting a frame or shared in an online album with your closest friends and family.

Kristina Quinones | Kristina Quinones Photography | Hudson Valley, New York Photographer

A little more about me:

It still amazes me that there are millions of different ways a scene or person could be portrayed in a photograph – not just due to the type of film or digital processing workflow or camera or lighting being used by the photographer, but due to the photographer’s own artistic vision and perception of the scene.

I’m mom to two boys, Kid 1 and Kid 2, as I’ll sometimes refer to them here on this blog.

My interest in photography started all the way back in high school, during which I took a film photography class. I’m going to be honest: I paid little to no attention and did only OK in that class . . . a feat indeed when it was considered by many to be one of those filler courses you took when you’d pretty much exhausted the graduation sequence but were still required to add classes because the guidance counselor said so. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED taking photos in that class and I was MESMERIZED by the entire darkroom process, from shimmying the film out of the canister to hanging up a print to dry, but more often than not, I’d shoot what I felt like shooting, ignoring the weekly assignment. I still whip out a trusty old Minolta SLR (it’s older than I am) to shoot some film every once in a while. :)

Oh, and I really, really love cake.